Team India Receives a Fiery Warning From a Member of Queensland Legislative Assembly

Ros Bates, a Member of Queensland Legislative Assembly has made it clear to the Indian cricket team that they would not be given any special treatment when it comes to following Covid Protocols. The Indian management and players had earlier raised issues regarding the Brisbane Test by stating that they were not happy with the quarantine protocols and the life inside the bubble.

To quote her exact words, Bates said, “If you do not want to follow the rules, do not come”. So, this warning by her was as sharp and strict as it gets.

India vs Australia


A source from the Indian side had also earlier stated that they deserve to be treated as ‘normal Australians’ and that they had provided full co-operation regarding the bio bubble quarantine protocols. They also went on to say that they fully understand the complexity of the situation.

“We understand the complexity of what’s happening currently. Cricket Australia and we have cooperated at every step with regards to following the protocols within the bubble. But we were expecting to be treated in the same vein as ‘normal Australians’ in terms of restrictions once we completed that initial quarantine in Sydney,” said the source.

‘Here is the video that Bates tweeted:


Tim Mander, Queensland’s Shadow Sports Minister was also of the opinion that the same rules apply to everyone and did not consider India’s grievances. Mander further complained that the Indian side had no business in disregarding the quarantine norms and that they are surely not welcome if the visitors don’t play by the rules.

“If the Indian cricket team wants to spit the dummy and disregard quarantine guidelines in Brisbane for the fourth Test, then they shouldn’t come. The same rules must apply for everyone. Simple,” said Mander as quoted by Fox Sports.

The Indian side had earlier said that they would not like to be sent into another bubble and life inside the bubble had definitely not been easy. The source further added that the bubble life has been on for the Indian players for six months and declared that they have not made any complaints as far as following the protocols is concerned so far.

“All we’re saying is the boys have been in various states of lockdowns and bubbles for nearly six months now. And it’s not been easy for anyone. If you look at it, we are one of only two teams who have had zero issues while being on a tour during this pandemic. After all this time, what we don’t want is to be sent into another hard bubble, which seems will be the case in Brisbane.”

So, it would be interesting to see what is to follow as some are of the opinion that the Brisbane test can be cancelled for these demands by the Indians. But this surely does not sound good from the point of view of a cricket fan of any Nationality.

So, let us hope that everything turns out in the favour of the game.


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