LivePools Fantasy Invite Code : Earn Real Money By Playing In Pools

livepools fantasy app

LivePools fantasy app is an online fantasy game in India where you can put your sporting knowledge & skills to test, based on your choice, by playing online fantasy sports games. LivePools offers various types of online fantasy sports such as LivePool Football, LivePool Cricket, and classic Fantasy cricket. So it’s up to you which one you like the most. I will tell you about all the fantasy sports types which you can play on LivePools.

livepools fantasy app

LivePools Invite Code/Referral Code– LivePools comes with many challenging leagues to compete. You can test your playing skills against other players. You can also create your own challenges and invite your friends to make the competition more interesting.

LivePools Invite Code And SignUp Bonus Details

Key Features Of LivePools Fantasy App

  • Three types of fantasy sports games.
  • Different playing way comparing to other fantasy apps.
  • Unique User Interface
  • Win Prizes along with cash

Steps To Get Sign Up Bonus On LivePools

1). First of all download the LivePools App

   Download LivePools App

Or You can also signup on the LivePools website

   Signup Here

2). Now fill the form by entering your Name, nickname, email, passwords, country, state, etc

livepools registration

3). After that, it will ask you to enter your mobile number.

livepool registration

4). After entering your number click on send OTP. Now verify your number by Validate OTP.

5). That’s It! You have successfully created the account on LivePools fantasy.

6). Now you’re ready to play on LivePools Pools and earn real cash with your cricket knowledge & skills.

LivePools Fantasy Sports Type

There are three types of online sports you can play on LivePools. Let’s know about each other :0

  • LivePools Football
  • LivePools Cricket
  • Classic Fantasy Cricket

LivePools Football-

You can play LivePools football in two way – Play Game OutComes and Play Game Outcome + Top Scorers

livepools fantasy football choice

  • In-Play Game outcomes, You have to just choose which team will win. You can choose either one team or you can choose the Draw option.

livepool football play game outcome

  • After choosing all the predictions the Save Combination button will highlight. Click on it.

livepool fantasy

  • Now select on entering a Challenges And join leagues as per your choice.

livepool football challenge

  • That’s it if your prediction is right then you can win big money from LivePools. Now let’s talk about Play Game Outcome + Top Scorers.

In-Play Game Outcome + Top Scorers, You have to choose the same as Play Game Outcome but besides, you have to pick Top Goalers from each team.

livepool football challeng

  • After selecting the Save Combination button with appear. Now do the rest like Play Outcome Game and join leagues.

LivePools Cricket-

It is also of two types where you can play as Top Scorers and Play Outcome Game + Top Scorers

  • First of all, open the LivePool app and click on Cricket and select any upcoming match and click on Play Now.

livepool cricket


In Top Scorer Type you have to choose Top Batsman And Top Bowler from each team. After that Save Combination button will appear.

livepool cricket top scorer

  • After that join leagues and compete with other players on LivePool. If your prediction is right then the winning money goes directly to your LivePools wallet from where you can redeem it into your bank account.

In-Play Outcome Game + Top Scorers, you have to select one team or Draw option along with Top Batsman and Top Bowler from each team.

livepool cricket play outcome

  • Now Join leagues like above and win real cash.

Classic Fantasy Cricket

Urfotunalty you can play classic fantasy cricket only on the LivePools website because the app is currently not supporting Classic fantasy so you have to log in on any browser in order to play Classic Fantasy. Let’s know how you can play the classic fantasy on LivePools.

  • First Of all Login/signup on LivePool Website and click on the Fantasy option to play classic fantasy.

livepool classic fantasy

  • Now select the match to play Fantasy on LivePools
  • After that click on Create Team. You can create up to three teams in LivePools

livepool classic fantasy cricket

  • You have to select 11 players where you can select 3-5 Batsman, 3-5 Bowlers, 1-3 All Rounders, and 1 wicket Keeper. Remember every player has its own points. So, You have to select these players in a budget of 100 points by making a combination of the team in under 100 points.
  • After selecting the team click on the Submit button

livepool classic fantasy cricket submit

  • After that select a Captain of your choice.

livepool classic fantasy cricket captain selection

  • Now it will show a popup

livepool classic fantasy cricket join leagues



  • Now you have to join any pool of your choice and click on PLAY

livepool classic fantasy cricket join pool

Hurrah! You have successfully joined the pool.

livepool classic fantasy cricket join pool success message

Now wait for the results and if you win then the money goes directly to your LivePool wallet.

LivePools Refer And Earn

Open LivePools App and click on the sidebar menu.

livepools invite friends

Now enter your friend’s email address where you want to refer.

livepools invite friend

You can also refer your friends by sharing your invite link. By clicking on VIEW INVITATIONS you can check how much refer you have done till now.

How To Withdraw You Earning In LivePools

Note- You have to verify your account in order to withdraw money from LivePools account.

1) Open the LivePools Fantasy app and click on the sidebar menu and go to the MY WALLET option.

livepools wallet

2) Here you can see your unutilized money, winning amount, referral bonus, and total balance. To withdraw click on withdraw money.

livepools withdraw money

3) After that enter amount you wish to withdraw and click on Withdraw

livepools withdrawals

Remember, You can only withdraw your winnings. You can use your referral bonus and unutilized money in playing because they cannot be withdrawn.

Steps To Verify Your Account On LivePools

  • Login to the LivePools website using your login details and click on the wallet.

livepools account verification

  • As you already verified your mobile number while registering. So you need to verify your email now.

livepools email verification

  • Simply click on verify and a mail will send to your email from LivePools. Now check your mail to verify your account.

livepools email verify

  • Now click on Verify Email after that it will open in a browser and your mail will be verified successfully.

livepools email verifcation success message

  • A success message is also coming after email verification as above.
  • Now go to the PAN CARD section and complete the form by entering your Name, pan card number, DOB, and state.

livepools pan card verification

  • After filling all the required fields upload your PAN CARD image or pdf file and click on UPLOAD.
  • That’s it! your PAN card will be uploaded successfully.

Now you have to verify your bank account details. For that click on Bank account details and fill the form.

livepools bank details verification

  • After filling all the required fields upload your bank passbook photo and click on UPLOAD.
  • Finally, Click on SUBMIT FOR VERIFICATION button.
  • Your account will be verified in 3-5 working days if all things are correct.

LivePools Contact Information

You can contact LivePools support on their social media platform. Currently, there is no official contact number and email.

Final Verdict

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