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Hey, Fantasy Cricket players here we are coming back with a piece of shocking news that you are no longer be able to play on leagueadda after the 10th march. Leagueadda is merged with Halaplay and you can play on halaplay with your leagueadda fantasy account details. All your leagueadda’s winning, bonus money, and deposits will be transferred to halaplay account after the 12th march. However, you can still withdraw your money and deposits from leagueadda until 10th March (even if your winning is below Rs. 200). So if you want your money before merging then you can withdraw your cash from leagueadda otherwise after 10th March your money will be transferred to Halaplay account and you can no longer be able to withdraw your deposits and winning balance (If it is below Rs. 200).

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Below I’ve added some frequently asked question about Leagueadda and Halaplay. You can have a look at it for a better understanding of this merging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Can I create an account on LeagueAdda?

Ans- Unfortunately you will no longer be able to register and create an account on LeagueAdda from March 5th, 2019, 2 pm IST

Q.2 Will Bonus be transferred to HalaPlay account?

Ans- Yes, cash bonus will automatically be transferred to your halaplay account.

(Note: If you haven’t made any deposits on LeagueAdda, the cash Bonus in your account will be forfeited)

Q.3 What will happen of my Leagueadda account after 5th march?

Ans- Your leagueadda account will be deleted after the 5th march. You can continue playing with your old leagueadda account by simply making an account on halaplay with your leagueadda account details so that you can easily merge that account on halaplay.

Q.4 What if I already have a HalaPlay account with same details on leagueadda?

Ans- If you already have an account on halaplay with same email id and number on leagueadda then your account will be merged and you can see your bonus, withdraw money on Halaplay dashboard.

Q.5 What will happen to my Winnings?

Ans- You can withdraw your winning from leagueadda (even winnings below Rs. 200) until March 10th 11:59 pm, thereafter it will be transferred to your HalaPlay account and you will no longer to withdraw winning if you don’t have minimum Rs. 200 in your account. So its better for you if you have winning below Rs 200 then it’s the right time to withdraw your money to your bank account from leagueadda.

You can also withdraw your deposits from leagueadda until 10th march after that you deposit balance will be transferred in halaplay account and then you will not able to withdraw your deposit. So if you want you can still withdraw deposits too from leagueadda until 10th March.

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